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Staff Promotions, New Peak and Updates

Discussion in 'News' started by KatePlaysMC, Nov 9, 2014.


Indoor or Outdoor mall?

Poll closed Nov 13, 2014.
  1. Indoor

    1 vote(s)
  2. Outdoor

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  1. KatePlaysMC

    KatePlaysMC Admin

    Minecraft Username:
    Hey Gamer's! There has been some recent and exiting changes to the Grotto! In this thread I will cover all the new changes that will make the server even more fun to play on! Enjoy!

    -=Staff Promotions=-

    KatePlaysMC (Myself) - Promoted from Moderator to Admin
    Wiggmuzzle - Promoted from Helper to Moderator

    Congrats to all the newly promoted staff members!

    -=New Player Peak=-

    On Saturday, November 8th GrottoMC reached its highest player count at 22 players! All the Staff
    of the GrottoMC want to give a huge thanks to all the players of the Grotto. Without of you guys
    this server would be nothing. Thank you - The GrottoMC Staff Members

    -=New Player Mall=-

    The Grotto has decided to open up a new Player Mall in the Survival World!
    The idea of the Player Mall is an either indoor or outdoor mall (Poll at top of page) that any player can
    rent out a stall/room that there will be a monthly fee for (not decided yet). The fee will not be IRL
    money but something costly in game or else your shop will be closed and able to be rented out by
    another player. The shops will be supported by chest shops. The new Player Mall will be located right now to Survival Spawn.


    The way of getting the Sailor rank has changed. Instead of just signing up on these
    forums you have to post 10 posts/comments. No spamming, If you do spam, There will be

    -=New Plots Plugin=-

    Recently a new Creative Plots plugin has been added for the Creative world. The new
    commands are more easy and shorter to use than the "PlotMe" plugin. The new "Plots" commands
    can be found at /creative on the "Creative Commands" Board.

    I hope you gamer's found this thread useful! Us, The Grotto Staff, Wanted to let you know of the latest additions to the server. Hope you enjoyed! See ya!
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  2. StuffedMonkey

    StuffedMonkey Lieutenant

    Minecraft Username:
    Yes! A player shop! It was much needed. Lol.
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  3. handfom


    Minecraft Username:
    Player shop is a brilliant idea as no-one really makes shops because we all live so far from spawn. A mall would be perfect. I think everyone should have one shop including 6 chests, and you can buy more is you so wish. You could also have more depending on rank?
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  4. handfom


    Minecraft Username:
    The poll is closed, but we have a tie. Me and the other voter (StuffedMonkey?) Should have a fight to the death.
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