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I'm sorry for my actions.

Discussion in 'Appeal a ban/mute' started by micha4real, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. micha4real


    Minecraft Username:
    IGN (In game name):

    Why were you banned?:
    Advertising, Spamming and racism

    How long is your ban?:

    Who banned you?:

    Why should you be unbanned?:
    I knew her from another server. (Arkhamnetwork)
    We both had our own faction and we attacked eachother.
    She hated me.
    Now I joined this server and she said bad stuff to me.
    I called her a niga because I was very angry.
    She said my mother sucked my brothers dick while my dad was fuckin my brother in the ass.
    I almost dropped a tear.
    She was the one who started this war.
  2. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

    Minecraft Username:
    No actually you joined the server and started calling the staff crap for not using towny. Then you proceed to spam and advertise another site that has hacks. No unban.
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