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Halloween Build Contest

Discussion in 'News' started by hockeymikey, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    It's time for the first annual Halloween Build Contest! The contest will take place in the Creative world and will end on Halloween (Oct. 31st) at 12pm CST. The staff will be judging all builds personally and winners will be announced the following week.

    How to Enter
    1) Make a post in this thread and fill out the following info:​

    Build name:
    Plot Location:
    (To find do "/plotme info" it's the ID)

    ● Must have Halloween theme
    ● Must be in only one plot
    ● If Multiple Builders rewards will be split between them. Store rewards will be given to each builder.

    600 Pearls
    40% Any item in the Store
    2,000 Gold Coins

    300 Pearls
    35% Any item in the Store

    25% Any item in the Store

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  2. handfom


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    This is not a plot entry

    I wish I had joined this server in time for the competition. You guys have almost too many things to do in the community!
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