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December Voting | Custom Recipes

Discussion in 'News' started by hockeymikey, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    Hey Pirates,

    With New Years behind us now brings an end to a few of our contests. There is no winner for the Christmas build contest since nobody entered.

    We are planning in the future to add some custom recipes on the server. So if you have any ideas on some recipes post them in the comments.

    December just ended and it's time to announce the top 3 voters of the month.

    1st Place: DarkTwister72 - 21
    2nd Place: Lovebunny0102 - 15
    3rd Place: Sellabe -8

    Thank you for everyone that participated in voting in December. If you are one of the winner please reply to this thread and you will be PM'ed your coupon code.

    January Rewards
    1st Place: $15 Shop Voucher
    2nd Place: $10 Shop Voucher
    3rd Place: $5 Shop Voucher

    Voting will run to the end of January so get voting!

    Note: Prizes subject to change. PMC voting link now working!
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  2. Laura

    Laura Captain

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    I got 2nd place!!!!
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