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1.8 Update Delay

Discussion in 'News' started by hockeymikey, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    As you know 1.8 has finally been released but at the moment there is only a protocol hack that is available . This upgrade breaks Holograms and doors on servers. There is no rush to update as this doesn't add any of the new 1.8 features such as the blocks. I am currently testing a backup of the server locally to get everything working with the 1.8 Protocol version and when everything is stable I will update the server to it. When it is updated it will be able to support 1.7 and 1.8 players. Until then we will stay on 1.7
  2. Cole

    Cole Admin

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    Sounds good,every new version of minecraft is always buggy really XD.And my friend did try to make 1.8 server,and when i stepped on the 1.8 blocks it accused me of hacking and flying -o-.So ya,1.7 sounds good xD.

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