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New Year, New Update

Discussion in 'News' started by hockeymikey, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    Update v1.1.1

    Long time no see everyone, it's time for another update! This one doesn't have as many goodies as the mechanics update, you will still see many improvements.

    Claiming Plugin Rewritten

    The claiming plugin (NewWand) released last time was fairly buggy in usage. You might have gotten ghosted blocks or would bug out on you. I have rewritten the plugin to be more efficient and less of a mess. Ghosting of blocks now only appear if you are really trying to get them (and at that they only appear rarely). It also converts between modes (advance, min. basic) visual and runs smoother. Try it out new time you're on!

    Quick Select wand and Active sets changes

    There is a new tool available using /QS. With this tool you can set your MCTowns active sets to the point where you click.

    Active sets are now set when you join the server so you will no longer be forced to set your active town.

    Core enhancements

    The core plugin has been bolstered with new additions to help staff and players alike. One of these additions is GNot, the notification system for The Grotto. Currently it is only open to staff but may open to others later in a limited form. Staff can now configure alerts they can receive such as player joins and player help commands.

    If you need help on the server just use the /HelpMe command now to send a help message to staff. A message will be sent to offline staff too via GNot so you’re sure to get help quickly.

    MCTowns Fix

    The MCTowns API randomly broke after the update breaking Grotto Core in the process. We are using a dev version of it now, modified for stability and less bugs. If you run into any other bugs let us know.

    That’s all for now. See you server side pirates.​
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Admiral

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    Thanks buddy... Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you keeping the same map... It's great returning to find all my hard work still there... currently I'm fixing up area's of the map that have been destroyed.. Hopefully see you in game sometime.
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  3. TheGoldenHammer

    TheGoldenHammer Lieutenant

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    Hi HockeyMikey when will 1.11 come out
  4. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    A couple days probably. Whenever Spigot gets updated.

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