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Mechanics Update | More News

Discussion in 'News' started by hockeymikey, May 25, 2015.

  1. hockeymikey

    hockeymikey Owner

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    After many months of hard work and planning the mechanics update is finally here! This is a big update to the server adding a ton of new features and bug fixes. We will start tracking updates to the server with a version numbering system similar to what Mojang uses with Minecraft. The mechanics update will start out the new system at v1.0.0.

    New Claiming

    The biggest addition is a new tool for claiming land! The format is much simpler now and powerful, it even shows what is selected as seen in the picture (blocks aren't real, just guides for your selection).


    There are 3 different modes you can use. Basic (as seen in the picture) selects the area from bedrock to sky. Advance selects only the points area (like WorldEdit). Minimal is similar to Advance without the guide blocks (only blocks for right/left points). Do /claim to get started!

    Over 29 new recipes!

    You heard right, 29 new custom recipes exclusive to the server. The range from armor stand enhancements to mob spawners. Can you discover them all?


    Random Teleporting

    No longer do you have to journey away from spawn for hours on end just to find an open spot, now you can teleport to a random, non-claimed area! All you have to do is /rtp or click on a Random Teleport sign to be whisked away. Don't like the spot? Wait 30 seconds and try again.

    TnT cannon/Creeper Protection

    We've been listening to players getting griefed by someone luring a creeper into their protected town or hit by a TnT cannon. Now we've patched it so protected lands can't be griefed! If the launcher of the TnT or lurer of the creeper can't build in your town then explosion is stopped leaving your land safe.

    Staff Demotion

    One of our mods, StuffedMonkey, has been demoted from staff. The reason for the demotion is he wasn’t getting on anymore to help and spending his time doing other things.


    1st Place: Callyn_w - 39

    2nd Place (tie): CraftyCaelan and omerde12 - 24

    There was a tie this month for voting so we will be handing out two second place prizes. Thank you for everyone that participated in voting this April. If you are one of the winners please reply to this thread and you will be PM'ed your coupon code by me. The next voting period will be an extended one running from now to the end of June! This time with bigger prizes!

    May-June Rewards

    1st Place: $20 Shop Voucher

    2nd Place: $15 Shop Voucher

    3rd Place: $10 Shop Voucher

    Voting will run to the end of June so get voting!

    Note: Prizes subject to change.

  2. Cole

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    Woop Woop,Towny is So much easier Now :p .I didnt really use towny stuff until after a month though
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  3. SlimeGamerMC


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    Love It :D
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