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New Profile Posts

  1. TheGoldenHammer
    Why am i banned?
  2. Dominican_Smart
    Im 14 actually...
  3. SlimeGamerMC
    1. hockeymikey
      Dec 3, 2015
  4. hockeymikey
    hockeymikey mookecd
    Happy Birthday!
  5. Nixara
    Just so people know if it wasn't obvious enough. My new user is Nixara
  6. Dominican_Smart
  7. Nixara
    Formerly known as jazzawesomeness
  8. Nixara
    Can't log in D:
  9. handfom
    Name changes! Yay!
  10. TheJonathanBet
    Why is the world so complicated?
  11. Kevin
    LOL @ 0 Days Sober, Handfom
  12. Jrfisher
    Jrfisher KatePlaysMC
    I got banned for ban evasion. Why?
  13. handfom
    Have completed my 10th post. . . Hopefully in the morning I will wake up with magical powers. . .
  14. handfom
    Have now been give a total 4 positive ratings. I don't know what to do with myself anymore.
  15. handfom
    Somebody gave me a thumbs up. . . if only I knew who it was so i could give them a thumbs up. XD
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  16. handfom
    0 Days Sober
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  17. MrRobotoxX
    Sometimes I feel like, everybody 'trippin, but me.
  18. hockeymikey
    hockeymikey StuffedMonkey
    Happy Birthday Stuffed!
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    2. StuffedMonkey
      Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!
      Nov 28, 2014
  19. windflashdragon
    windflashdragon KatePlaysMC
    kate i hope you see this soon i need your help. i wasnt paying attention to my villager spawner and it over produced. By the time i noticed the lag i crashed trying to shut it down. i think i might have crashed the server
    1. KatePlaysMC
      Lol, I was on at the time and i was able to tell mikey what happened. Its all good :)
      Nov 30, 2014
  20. windflashdragon
    windflashdragon hockeymikey
    OMG Mike I am so sorry. I wasnt paying attention to my villager spawner to keep numbers down and it over produced. by the time i noticed the lag I crashed trying to shut it down. I think i crashed the server.
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